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Finished project

Timeless Closets & Cabinetry is thrilled to unveil a crowning achievement in bespoke luxury – our featured project for the illustrious Mansion in May. Step into a world where opulence meets sophistication, where our craftsmanship and design prowess converge to create a living masterpiece within the grandeur of a historical mansion.

Every two years, the Women's Association for Morristown Medical Center organizes Mansion in May as a fundraising initiative for various hospital projects. The process involves negotiating a mansion, inviting designers to tour it nine months in advance, and allowing them to choose a space for their design projects. Designers present their ideas using Design Boards, and a committee selects the winning designs.

The selected spaces often require extensive renovation, including gutting and rebuilding, starting five months before the show's opening. In this case, the project focused on creating a custom closet for the lady of the house. Partnerships with various companies, such as Exceptional Flooring, Benjamin Moore, and others, were crucial for the success of the project.

During May, the mansion opens its doors for paid tours and special events, with all proceeds contributing to the chosen project's funding. At the end of the project, homeowners have the option to purchase the designed spaces. If not purchased, the room must be reverted to a blank slate. This event serves as both a showcase of design creativity and a means to support essential medical projects through community engagement.

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