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Frequently Asked

At Timeless Closets & Cabinetry, we understand that choosing the right closet and cabinetry solutions for your space involves thoughtful consideration. To assist you in making informed decisions, we've compiled a list of frequently asked questions that cover various aspects of our services. Whether you're curious about pricing, design options, or our process, these FAQs aim to provide clarity and insight. 


If you have additional questions or seek further information, feel free to reach out. Your journey to timeless and personalized storage solutions begins here!

Average Closet Cost

The cost of a closet varies based on factors such as size, color, and components. For instance, an 8' closet with drawers will cost more than one without. Costs for drawers depend on style, preferred slides, and box type. Having a budget in mind helps guide both you and the designer.


Suspended vs. Floor-Based System

  • Suspended System: Fastened to the wall using a steel cabinet rail, no materials touch the ground. It's cost-effective and partially adjustable.

  • Floor-Based System: Sits on the floor and is fully adjustable.


Color Options

Currently partnered with 4 manufacturers, we offer a range of colors. A color list can be provided upon request, and we can accommodate special color requests as a boutique closet firm.


Our Process

We start with a discovery call to discuss timing, location, and needs. This is followed by a complimentary space evaluation, a 3D rendering, and pricing.


Working Outside Territory

It's possible to work outside the stated territory, but it needs prior discussion. As a member of the Association of Closets and Storage Professionals (ACSP), we can also recommend companies across the US and Canada.


Education and Trends

Not a franchise, we stay updated through active participation in the ACSP, serving on the board of directors and the education committee. We attend trade shows and engage in continuous advanced education.


Working from Floor Plans

Yes, scalable PDFs allow for designs and pricing. Orders, however, require verification with on-site measurements.


Holes in Closets

Holes provide adjustability. Luxury closets or custom pieces can be designed with only necessary holes drilled on-site.


Builder or Trade Program

Contact us for information on our builder or trade program.


Popular Closet Accessories

While there's debate, the valet rod is considered a must-have.

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