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Podcast episode 4: Transforming the future workforce

Updated: Jun 10

In this episode, the podcast takes a deep dive into the dynamic world of workforce transformation, focusing on the National Woods Board and how they are shaping the future in the woodworking industry.

Our guest is their Executive Director, Amanda Conger. She will offer insights into how the National Woods Board is pioneering efforts to train new talent. She will highlight key initiatives aimed at modernizing training programs, fostering a culture of continuous learning, and integrating advanced technologies to enhance productivity and creativity.

Listeners will gain an understanding of the challenges and opportunities faced by the woodworking sector in today's rapidly evolving job market. Amanda will share success stories and practical advice on how businesses can cultivate a skilled workforce capable of meeting the demands of the future. Whether you're an industry professional, an educator, or someone interested in workforce development, this episode provides valuable perspectives on building a resilient and innovative workforce.

Companies mentioned during this episode:

Taking Success to the Next Level
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