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Podcast episode 5: Unlocking creative spaces

Updated: Jun 10

Behind the Scenes of the Mansion in May Project 

Tune in this Friday at 10:30 AM EST for Wendy's latest podcast episode, where she dives into the fascinating world of designer show houses with a spotlight on the Mansion in May project. Discover the meticulous process that brings designers together to showcase their creativity while contributing to hospital fundraising efforts.

In this episode, Wendy will cover:

  • The selection and transformation of a historic mansion every two years.

  • The journey from designer invitations to the presentation of project proposals.

  • The intense renovation period and the collaboration with various partners.

  • A special look at Wendy Scott's custom closet project for the lady of the house.

  • How the public can explore these stunning spaces during May and support vital hospital projects through their visits.

Don't miss this insightful and inspiring episode about the blend of design excellence and philanthropy!

Podcast unlocking creative spaces MIM
Download PDF • 13.53MB

Companies referenced in this episode:

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