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Podcast episode 6: What's in my closet

Updated: Jun 17

In this podcast episode titled "What's in My Closet," Wendy takes listeners on a personal tour of her closet, highlighting all the accessories, features, and organizational tools she uses to keep it tidy and functional. She shares practical tips and advice on how to organize and declutter closets, ensuring they remain both stylish and practical.

Throughout the episode, Wendy's insights reflect Timeless Closets and Cabinetry's commitment to helping customers create harmonious living spaces. She discusses various storage solutions, the importance of maintaining an organized closet, and how a well-organized space can enhance daily living. Whether it's maximizing small spaces, choosing the right storage bins, or deciding how to categorize clothing and accessories, Wendy offers valuable guidance that listeners can easily apply to their own homes.

Wendy will be recording this episode in her closet. Unfortunately for the live podcast, the video footage isn't immediately available. For those of you tuning in live, you can follow along on the PDF shared below to see photos of what is being discussed.

Podcast What in my Closet
Download PDF • 10.02MB

Companies mentioned in this episode:

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