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Podcast episode 7: Conversations in the closet

Updated: Jun 24

"Conversations in the Closet: From Organizing to Design" with Special Guest Allanna Bell of Optimization Dolls

Join us for a captivating new episode with Wendy Scott, airing this Friday at 11:00 AM EST! This week, Wendy welcomes the incredibly talented Allanna Bell, founder of Optimization Dolls, for an enlightening discussion on transforming spaces from cluttered chaos to beautiful, functional design.

In this episode, Allanna shares her expert insights on the art of organization, revealing the secrets behind her innovative techniques and strategies that go beyond mere tidying up. Learn how to optimize your closet space, create a harmonious environment, and integrate design principles that reflect your personal style and enhance your daily life.

Whether you're a seasoned organizer, a design enthusiast, or someone struggling to keep their closet in order, this episode is packed with practical tips and inspiring ideas to help you achieve the perfect balance between organization and aesthetics.

Tune in for a transformative conversation that will inspire you to rethink your space and discover the potential hidden within your closet. Don't miss out on the wisdom and creativity of Allanna Bell and Wendy Scott!

Conversations in the Closet
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