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Podcast episode 8: Closet creativity

Updated: Jun 30

Closet Creativity: Transforming Spaces for New Homeowners and Builders

The next episode of Wendy's podcast dives into the fascinating world of home improvement and interior design! In this episode, Wendy showcases three distinctive types of closets, perfect for new homeowners and builders looking to optimize and beautify their living spaces.

  1. Builder Basic/Cost-Effective Closet: Wendy starts by exploring the practical and budget-friendly builder basic closet. Designed with cost-effectiveness in mind, this closet provides functional storage solutions without breaking the bank. Wendy shares tips on maximizing space, organizing essentials, and making the most of a basic setup. This segment is perfect for those looking to create an efficient and tidy storage area on a budget.

  2. His Closet: Elevated Elegance: Next, Wendy introduces a simple yet sophisticated "his" closet that stands out with its elevated drawer styles and thoughtful color choices. This segment focuses on creating a personalized and stylish space that combines practicality with a touch of refinement. Wendy discusses the importance of selecting the right materials, optimizing drawer layouts, and incorporating color schemes that enhance the overall aesthetic. Ideal for men who want a closet that is both functional and fashionable.

  3. Hers Closet: Subtle Glam: Finally, Wendy unveils the epitome of elegance with a "hers" closet designed in a chic white palette, featuring glamorous upgrades. This segment showcases how subtle touches of luxury can transform a standard closet into a stylish sanctuary. Wendy shares ideas for incorporating luxurious finishes, clever lighting solutions, and exquisite hardware to create a space that exudes understated glamor. Perfect for those who seek a blend of practicality and sophistication in their closet design.

Join Wendy as she provides expert insights, practical advice, and inspiring ideas to help you create closets that are not only functional but also reflective of your personal style. Whether you're a new homeowner or a builder, this episode offers valuable guidance on transforming ordinary storage spaces into extraordinary closets. Don't miss out on this essential episode for all your closet creativity needs!

Note: this episode is not the usual podcast format; rather, it's a walk-through the home narrated by Wendy.

Companies featured in this episode:

  • Country Day Estates

IG: countryday_estates 

  • HJE Interiors LLC

IG: @hje_interiors Ph: 732-485-8047

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